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15 Nail Art Ideas That Can Be Made At Home

One of our favorite things in spring is to try the colorful nails! We remove the cold nail polishes we use in winter and we start to give you the right to use colorful nail polish. Thanks to the practical nail art suggestions you can do at home, you can have fun spring manicure in minutes. It’s not hard to do those perfect manicures that you see on Instragram. With nail art designs, you can collect the look of your friends with their nail art. If you’re ready, we’il start.


Ombre Nails

Ombré hair, ombré lips, ombré nails … It is quite simple to do this nail art technique that goes from light to dark. First of all, you should get two different shades of the same color. You’il need a tiny piece of sponge. First of all, drip light and dark colored ozon on a clean surface. Then press the sponge over these two poles with buffer movements. Apply the sponge back and forth to the fingernail without letting it dry on the sponge. Don’t worry, you can put a nail polish around your fingernail on the first try. At the end of the application, you can remove the overflowing oxygen.

Honeycomb nail art

Honey nail reminiscent of this nail art model we loved. If you have a long nail structure, you can easily try this model. You don’t need to try this design with the same color tones. You can mix different colors and get a different look. First, color the entire nail. Then create a honeycomb view with black or white ozon.

Editor’s suggestion: If the nail polish is too thick for the nail art, you can get help from the makeup brushes.


Nail art of transverse lines

Striped everything is very fashion this season! When this is the case, we cannot stay away from the lines of nail art. This is one of the most practical nail art suggestions we have seen. But you will have to sacrifice the fan brush for this look. Or you can do this nail art model by taking paintbrush from stationery. First, paint your fingernail in a single color. Then paint the brush with different colors, move the nail into the nail in transverse movements. The more colors you use, the more successful you will get.


Wavy nail art

We liked the variegated look of the nails and finally learned how to do it. First of all, use one-color nail polish on the nail floor. We recommend light nail polish to make the wavy look distinct. After your skin is dry, drop one or two drops of nail polish onto the nail. These nail polishes can be in the same color or different colors. Then press the plastic bag onto the nail and rotate it in a circular motion before the ozon dries. You’il love the wavy look on the nail when you lift the bag.

Nail art with flowers

Pick the colors that best reflect the spring for a nail art look. We use blue, yellow and white for today. After determining the nail polish colors, apply the darkest color to the nails as a base color. Then carefully draw the flowers and fill them.

When you do a nail art, you must have an ear stick. So when you make a little mistake you can clean it up and get a more professional look. Do not forget to apply this nail polish after applying nail art.

Wavy nail art

For the wavy nail polish pattern resembling marbling art, all you need is a little patience! At first glance, we believe that this nail art model that looks harder will make it easier after the first attempt.

Apply a white or beige color as a base color to the nail for a wavy nail art appearance. Then mix the blue and purple nail in a glass bowl. Apply this mixture to the nails with a thin eyeliner brush or with a nail art brush, if available, using a stambing technique. You should apply more nail polish to the nails. So you can get more realistic waves on your fingernails.

Fun nail art

With the upcoming spring, fun nail art models are starting to catch our minds. If you love nail designs, you can draw simple and practical patterns on their nails in the spring and fill them with colored nail polish.

For fun nail patterns, you can use a template or make a hand. First, open the base color nail to the nail. Then draw different patterns with vibrant colors like blue, red or pink and color them. If you don’t have confidence in drawing, you can just make a point or draw a letter. You shouldn’t know the boundaries for creative nail art ideas.

Different nail art

If you’re bored with classic nail art styles, you should look at different nail art models that don’t have anyone. Looks pretty simple and remarkable in 10 minutes.

If you have long fingernails, you can get a different style by applying colored nail polish to the ends and tips of the nails. Make sure that the colors you use during the nail art work are compatible with each other. Using 3 to 4 different colors instead of mixing too many colors will seem risk-free. If you have short structured nails, you should try this model only on the nail tips or on the bottom of the nail.

Geometric nail art

When we said nail art, we were really talking about art. You can understand how serious we are from the geometric nail art model.

We accept, geometric nail art is not very easy to do, but after a couple of attempts we are sure to master. For geometric nail art, cut the nails into geometric shapes with adhesive tapes and paint each shape in a different nail polish color. You can paint 6 different colors on each side by drawing an average of 6 or even 7 different shapes. Don’t forget to wear protective nail polish so that geometric nail art does not deteriorate from the first day.

Easy nail art

If you see yourself as a beginner in nail art, you should start with easy nail art. Small clouds, wavy shapes that you will draw on the nails will add a completely different air to their nails and increase their self-confidence through the practical application.

For easy nail art model, you can draw three different colored clouds to the fingernails. A small tip: We love the harmony of blue, white and orange colors.

Fruity nail art

One of the favorite aspects of summer is undoubtedly delicious fruits. We bring our favorite fruits to the nail art and we get a colorful and fun nail art model.

You can use the most beloved fruit watermelon pattern in the summer to capture a colorful look in your fingernails. After moving the slices of watermelon to his fingernails, he will look at his hands again. If you don’t trust the watermelon nail art, you can only get red nail polish and black spots on your nails to get a watermelon slice look. We are sure to draw a more professional watermelon figure.

If you like plain and elegant nail art models, this model is for you!

For plain nail art, choose a light colored base nail polish color and rub it on its nails. Once you have doubled the nails, make a point or draw a straight line at the bottom of your fingernails. At the first glance, it may sound a bit odd to you after you’ve made nail art on one finger, but we’re sure you’ll like it when you’re doing it on all your fingers. If you love elegant nail art, you should prefer black and white or red white. If you like crazy models, colorful nail polishes get inspired.

Practical nail art view

If you want to do nail art but complain about the shortness of your time, you can get help from adhesive tapes.

First, draw the star shape on the nails and surround it with adhesive tape. Then paint the inside of the star with glitter nail polish. Then remove the bands and enjoy the practical geometric nail pattern. Combining this model with other nail polish colors, you can get assertive looks in a short time.

Half Moon Nail Art

If you love modern nail art styles, you should look at the half-moon model. Our favorite part of the half-moon model is that it is longer than its nails.

If you complain about the shortness of his fingernails, half a month nail art model with a long look, you can draw attention to the practical nail art model. Half moon nail art model is applied in most red, dark blue and beige colors.

The easiest nail art

Let me introduce you to the easiest nail art if you say ‘I don’t have time to do nail art’ or ‘very incompetent’.

First step: Use a clear rinse on your nails.
Step two: Apply black nail polish to the center of the nails with a fine-tip eyeliner brush. If you wish, you can just draw smiles or draw a classic eye figure.

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